student projects

We, the Computational Robotics Lab, are on the mission of building bio-inspired quadrupedal robots that resemble animals in shape and behaviors. More specifically, our current research projects explore the challenge of designing mechanisms and control strategies that can generate more animal-like walking motion for legged robots.

We are looking for talented and self-motivated students whose research interests are aligned with ours. Please contact us if you are intested in participating in one of our 3-month (14-weeks, part-time) or 6-month (full-time) research projects at Computational Robotics Lab.

List of Available Projects

Research Assistantship

We are looking for a mechatronics engineer who has very rich experience and technical skills on robotic systems' hardware. Please contact us if you are interested in working at CRL as a part-time or full-time research engineer.

For students from research or educational institutes other than ETH

The Master's semester project and thesis project are part of the Master's degree program at ETH Zurich and we cannot provide any financial support for cost of living and neither legal support for your visa process. However, there are plenty of opportunities to visit ETH for research exchanging purposes. So please make sure you can visit ETH and Switzerland with legitimated permission supported by one of these programmes before you contact us.