student projects

We are building bio-inspired quadrupedal robots. Our goal is to design mechanisms and control strategies that can generate more animal-like walking motion for legged robots and eventually to bring those robots to people's daily life.

Our research interests are broad-ranging from control and planning of legged robots to design optimization, digital fabrication and finally human-robot interaction.

List of Available Projects

We are currently looking for self-motivated Master students who wants to participate in one of our 3-month (14-weeks, part-time) or 6-month (full-time) research projects. Please send your CV and short motivation letter to Dongho Kang if you are interested in.

HW deployment of model-based controllers using Bayesian optimization

  • Master's thesis (6 months)
  • Starting date: ASAP
  • Supervisors: Dongho Kang and Bhavya Sukhija
  • Prerequisite courses:
    • Robot Dynamics or Computational Models of Motion for Character Animation and Robotics (required)
    • Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence (required)
  • Required skills:
    • Strong C++ / Python programming skills (required)

State-of-the-art model-based control methods are capable of performing highly agile and dynamic legged locomotion. However, they require an accurate system dynamics model that is often unavailable due to our limited understanding of real-world physics and inevitable simplifications for reducing computational burden. Therefore, model-based controllers often do not perform well off-the-shelf on hardware and require considerable parameter tuning. This tuning process is time-consuming and in some instances can also harm the hardware. Furthermore, it may have to be repeated for different environment settings or, in case of legged robots, gait patterns.

We pursue to improve the robustness and the tracking performance of a model-based controller on robot hardware by bridging the gap between simplified/modelled and real-world dynamics.

See the project description for more details.

For students from research or educational institutes other than ETH

The Master's semester project and thesis project are part of the Master's degree program at ETH Zurich and we cannot provide any financial support for cost of living and neither legal support for your visa process. However, there are plenty of opportunities to visit ETH for research exchanging purposes. So please make sure you can visit ETH and Switzerland with legitimated permission supported by one of these programmes before you contact us.